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  • miorkhabir 9:39 am on July 22, 2010 Permalink | Reply

    Head was heavy earlier this morning. Hopefully Mr. Headache would not come knocking.

  • miorkhabir 8:32 am on July 21, 2010 Permalink | Reply

    Rain was heavy earlier this morning. Hopefully Mr. Cold would not come knocking.

  • miorkhabir 1:44 pm on July 18, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    What, I’ve never fasted before? Heck no. It’s going to be the first Ramadan with my family after my three-years ‘disappearance’.

    Can’t wait to liven up the holy month of the year. So let us look forward upon fortifying our Iman and do many good deeds in enliving up Ramadan! 🙂

  • miorkhabir 6:21 am on January 19, 2010 Permalink | Reply


    … since I updated this blog, yeah!

    Well, truth be told, I’ve gotten so busy I can barely update my other blog. But alas, joy is for those who weep, for ’tis the coming of the King shall soothe thine soul!

    Oh, and I have become a teacher – a profession I never expected to get indulged in. 😀

    No worries, peeps. I will be getting more and MOAR updates for you in the meantime, so don’t worry if this site has gotten creepy and webby, if you catch my drift. 😛

    So long and ’til we meet again!

  • miorkhabir 12:47 am on November 24, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    New short story added! 

    Yes, it’s so true. Read in the Light the Lit page: The Mayor and The Bum.

  • miorkhabir 3:57 am on October 30, 2009 Permalink | Reply

    And so, Winter Falls… 

    It is time. I’m going home.

    In advance, I want to say my thanks to:

    • my parents for growing me up and nurturing me to be a good (in fact – very good) boy. 😉
    • my siblings for supporting me in times of need (even though all you do were babbling and making fun of me, but seriously, it really helped, guys! 😀 )
    • my cousin for assisting me whenever I need help in my documentation processes (and of course you helped me getting my cerpen into Dewan Kosmik! 😉 )
    • my STTQ friends (batch of 2006-2009) for staying by my side, through light and dark, but we stayed together until the very end of 2009. Yes, we did it altogether, leaving none of us behind! Congratulations, guys.
    • my friends from Adabuna, especially Ibnu Reza and Lailati Mahat, whom I learned many lessons of life from. It was (and is) great to have you guys as comrades. 😉
    • my junior housemates: Fakhruddin, Anas, Zuhdi, Fikri, Hamdan, Zul Faiz and Sa’id Hawwa for giving me cheerful moments and sweet memories whenever I’m home.
    • and those who read this blog.

    Look forward for more posts of mine. I’ll be a nearly-full time blogger when I’m home! 😉

    See ya!

  • miorkhabir 8:05 am on September 7, 2009 Permalink | Reply

    And Finally… 

    It’s been a while since I stepped into the dashboard of this blog. Yes, it’s been a while. Exam, second exam, a bunch of programmes and many more. I have to admit that all these works and no rests have made me very, yes, very tired.

    But that’s what happens when your popularity meter goes up.

    Ah heck. I never wanted to be this popular. Or so I think. All the eyes get focused on you. Just a little mischief, and people will say something, a thousand times even worse, about it. Therefore, with note, I’m now lowering my profile, so I can do all the mischief I ever think of. Yes. No, just kidding.

    There is a saying that goes: absence makes heart grow fonder. Yes, the absence of the presence of my dear family makes me miss them more. But knowing that I have to part with something dear to me will also make me miss it.

    Yes, it’s been three years. The memory of arriving at the Cairo International Airport would always linger in my brain. Now, the time to revisit that place is nearing. I never know if it would be the last, but this is it. Three years are all you’ve got, said my Mom, three years ago. And yes, I kept that promise. Three years are what it all takes, alhamdulillah.

    I’m going home. Finally.

    Despite all the elated feelings and joyousness that I’m soon leaving for home sweet home, there is this distant sadness at the edge of my heart that looms nearer every day I pass through. I still could not figure out what it is. The time will come, I’m sure of it, that I will finally know what sadness it is.

    This would be my last Ramadan in Egypt. And if this were my last, I hope I’m not way too late to wish all you readers, if there’s any: Ramadan Kareem, and Happy Fasting.

    And if this were our last, let it be the most glorious. Let us pray, that someday, we will be the ones that “meet their God with a clean heart”. (Ash-Shuara, Chapter #26, Verse #89)

  • miorkhabir 11:22 am on July 7, 2009 Permalink  

    Syahadah Qiraat (Final Exam) Result 

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  • miorkhabir 12:01 pm on July 2, 2009 Permalink | Reply

    The Hijab 

    (dedicated to the women of my life and all dear friends of mine)

    “And say to the believing women (mukminaat) that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to those whom they can1; and that they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments…”

    – An-Nuur (Light) : 31

    Many of us have mistaken the term of ‘hijab’. What actually is hijab? The answer lies in the above verse. Actually, to be precise, the term ‘hijab’ is in two verses; the other one in the previous aayat (verse 30), which focuses on the different gender. In verse 31, though, it is concentrated fully on women.

    Okay, I think it’s enough for reference (you can check it online if you still want some more). Time for a bit amplification.


    Hijab is a piece of clothing that covers the head. It is an emblem or insignia that the wearer is a muslimah, no matter how short or how long she wears – it is still called a hijab. Is that right?


    Do not take this subject lightly. If you answer what hijab is like the previous paragraph, you definitely made two mistakes. Yes, two!

    The [first] mistake: “Hijab is a piece of clothing…”

    Hijab is NOT a piece of clothing. Hijab refers to all the subjects that Allah has mentioned in the above verse of surah An-Nuur. Hijab is from Arabic, which means close (not meaning ‘near’) or secure. So the correct answer should be– hijab to a woman is lowering her gaze, guard her modesty, not displaying her beauty and ornaments except what is ordinarily appear thereof, draw her veils over her chest, not displaying her beauty publicly, and not striking her feet in order to draw attention of her hidden ornaments (which are worn at the feet). Phew. Got it?

    The [second] one: “It is an emblem or insignia that the wearer is a muslimah…”

    The hijab (or particularly called ‘veil’) is not just worn to show off that the wearer is a muslimah. Two reasons why I say this:

    1. Women from other religions also wear it, e.g: nun or cleric. See for yourself if I’m wrong.
    2. The raison d’être of wearing the veil is, like said, to secure the woman herself. It is not simply worn to show off her religion (like I said in a. ), but to protect her dignity.

    From these, we can make the first conclusion: the veil is one part of hijab, but hijab is not just veil. Okay, maybe because it is publicly used, you can use ‘hijab’ instead of ‘veil’. No big deal there.


    These are frequent issues and problems that I find can become interesting. The following questions are answered through logic and common sense.

    A: Why bother wearing the veil? Doesn’t it feel hot?

    B: Why bother following the traffic rules? Aren’t you in a hurry?

    A: Hey, it’s a rule. I don’t want to get ticketed (summon ticket).

    B: Well yeah, the veil is also a rule. I don’t want to get thrown into the Fire.

    A: Why does a woman wear a veil?

    B: To protect her dignity and for her own security.

    A: Though there are numerous rape cases get veiled women involved?

    B: There are also numerous robbery cases get secured banks involved.

    A: So what’s the point of wearing a veil if you don’t get the guarantee of not getting sexually harassed?

    B: Veil is not a protection against any harassment. It’s the first step of not getting any harassment, followed by several steps afterwards. If you wear a veil, but you don’t wear the appropriate attire for a true muslimah, it’s not impossible to get involved in such cases. Not just that, the attitude of oneself should be of concern too, if she doesn’t want to get caught up.


    The hijab (veil) is a piece of clothing that covers the head to the chest of a woman, to protect her self-respect and dignity. Please do not ask me where I get this definition – I already wrote in the foreword above. It is an order of Allah, and whatever He commands must be obeyed for it is only for the good of humanity. It is because of His love and blessings that we, humans, who make sins all the time, get to get His forgiveness when we seek.

    Remember, no matter how big we think our sins are, His forgiveness is even larger beyond measure. Let’s return to Islam – the true and only way of life.

    Before my leave, I’d like to include something for you readers to take into account. The Veil, by Dawud Wharnsby Ali.

    They say, ‘Oh, poor girl, you’re so beautiful you know

    It’s a shame that you cover up your beauty so.’

    She just smiles and graciously responds reassuringly,

    ‘This beauty that I have is just one simple part of me.

    This body that I have, no stranger has the right to see.

    These long clothes, this shawl I wear, ensure my modesty.

    Faith is more essential than fashion, wouldn’t you agree?’

    This hijab,

    This mark of piety,

    Is an act of faith, a symbol,

    For all the world to see.

    A simple cloth, to protect her dignity.

    So lift the veil from your heart to see the heart of purity.

    They tell her, ‘Girl, don’t you know this is the West and you are free?

    You don’t need to be oppressed, ashamed of your femininity.’

    She just shakes her head and she speaks so assuredly,

    ‘See the bill-boards and the magazines that line the check-out isles,

    with their phony painted faces and their air-brushed smiles?

    Well their sheer clothes and low cut gowns they are really not for me.

    You call it freedom, I call it anarchy.’

    This hijab,

    This mark of piety,

    Is an act of faith, a symbol,

    For all the world to see.

    A simple cloth, to protect her dignity.

    So lift the veil from your heart to see the heart of purity.

    Lift the veil from your heart and seek the heart of purity.


    1 Their husbands, their fathers, their husbands’ fathers, their sons, their husbands’ sons, their brothers or their brothers’ sons, or their sisters’ sons, or their women, or the slaves whom their right hands possess, or male servants free of physical needs, or small children who have no sense of the shame of sex.

  • miorkhabir 11:39 pm on April 22, 2009 Permalink | Reply

    The Parting of the Ways 

    “Whenever you start things, you’ll eventually finish it off. No matter how brief, no matter how long. It will eventually end.”


    That’s how things happen in this world. A new leaf grows after another dies. But growing a new one is not as easy as one could merely think. And it is never going to be the exact copy of the last.

    One mistake that almost everyone makes: believing that he is going to do the thing forever. But whenever the thing comes to an end, he begins to falter, his spirit waning, his life-force diminishing, as he once expected that the thing was going to be his thing perpetually.

    People change.

    And the change is either one of two: to make others happier with the consequences, or not. But sometimes, it does both. One will not be as happy as the other with the outcome. But that is the only way, the only choice to do. There is no second option, so someone has to be forfeited, though it might hurt.

    I begin to think that there may be a truth behind the words a certain someone muttered to me a not-so-long time ago: you cannot take care of everyone’s heart, as there will be a situation where you have no choice but to hurt him, just for the sake of himself and everyone else.

    But that may seem cruel.

    It always seems cruel to the naked eyes. But, when you think again, there would always be goodness and decency, right beneath what’s obvious. We just can’t see it because the time has not come for us.

    Like I said above. No matter how brief it needs to shelve, no matter how long it requires to delve: it will surely come when the clock hits twelve.

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