Mr. Winterson left out a huge sigh as he sat heavily on the backyard of the barn. The rain was thickening with thunders, streaking blindingly. The atmosphere wasn’t so good. It had been pouring down since last week. The water level in the rivers rose. The ground was grimy. Business was not going well in this weather. If it was not going to stop, the whole town will get flooded.

At the edge of his eyes, Mr. Winterson glanced at the kid he had saved earlier when he was crossing the bridge. He reckoned the boy was about 16, judging from the messy look and his face, which had no facial hairs. A teenager. Although, the hair was rather blue-ish than black.

“You really are one lucky lad,” he said. Later on, he would get the boy some shelter, and Mrs. Winterson would have the soup brewing for him. While Mr. and Mrs. Winterson were poor, they were kind and very well-mannered to the others in that rural town.

But little did they know that the little stranger would make a change in their entire life. Yes, a big change.


Kaizer Returns

The boy returned to his consciousness. It was dark and he could hear the sound of raging water from afar, which was rising slowly. He had this thought that something awful would happen in the morning if the unexpected tide would never stop. And something abruptly touched the edge of his mind; he had something to do with the rising tide. Besides, he was something.

He slowly stood up. His blue-ish hair covered half his face and he swept it away. Then, he felt something was not right with his palm when it touched his face. His hand was bandaged. And there was a slight bloodstain on it.

His heart beat faster. What happened, he just could not recall. Who injured him, he just could not evoke. His memory was shattered. All the things of his past up to this point seemed to have splintered and flounced away.

Wasting no time to recollect his remembrance, he zipped out of the house (where he had surprisingly been until now) to find the source of the water. His instinct was tingling with menace. Fear stroke deep into his heart.

* * *

“Come on, we can do this!”

“You kidding? We can’t stand the tide anymore!”

Mayor Wrights sighed. He must do something. He couldn’t just abandon his people.

“We need more sandbags!” he roared.

“We have none left, Sire!” replied one of the townsmen.

The rainstorm was too great. It was more than devastating. Sooner or later, it would be too late for them to escape. No, they already were too late.

The wave suddenly exploded hard onto the piles of sandbag. The momentum was too immense that several townsmen were thrown aside. Water leaked onto the land.

“We are hopeless!” shouted one of them as they rebuilt the dike.

“Where the hell does this water come from?”

“It is the wrath of the God!”

The townies felt like their very lives were ebbing away. The rainstorm seemed like it would not want to stop. Hope was lost.

Or was it?

Something colossal overshadowed them for a sudden, hovering around above them. It let out a high-pitched shriek. Mayor Wrights was surprised. Totally.

“It can’t be! A host was born?” he gasped.

“Mayor Sir! What devilry is that?” bellowed one of the townies.

“That—that is the Master Dragon, Kaizer!” replied the mayor, trembling. “In the past, he was the enemy of Aleron. He was defeated, but…”

Aleron was once a peaceful region. But the oncoming of the great dragons once upon a time razed it into an ash land. Only the town, where they were, was accounted as the only piece of land that survived that attack before they rebuilt and replenished the county.

“But then, how can he be alive now?” intervened another.

“A host. A host is born.”

The people were shocked as they heard something deafening coming from the higher lands that connected the barrier. Someone was pummeling the ground with his bare hands, sending shockwave to the sandbags. The land beneath the sacks rose high abruptly, stopping the unbridled and deadly tide.

The tide was stopped. Efficiently.

There was a pin-drop silence, save the heavy drops of rain and the raging water at the other side of the heightened land. Mayor Wrights looked closely at the person who saved them.

He had blue-ish hair.