Comrades! (pt.1)

I have been longing to write something about people around me. So here it is, the chronicle of people around me in Sekolah Rendah Al-Munir’s teacher’s lounge. I will compose this in several parts, to make things simple.

I will start with the higher-ups. Al-Munir’s Penolong Kanan: Ms. Sabariah bt Che Noh. This bespectacled lady hails from Kelantan, a land which I was once familiar with. At first I thought she is the same person who used to teach me back in 2000, but I was proven wrong when I asked her if she knew me from before.

Then it’s the PK HEM: Mr. Suhaimi bin Sanusi. He is one of the teachers used to teach me Fiqh, back in 2000; the year which he came back from Egypt. It was funny, at first, knowing that I was once his pupil, and now, lo and behold — a co-worker. You’ll know this awkwardness if you’re in my shoes.

Another ‘old teacher’ from my primary school age is Ms. Norela bt Othman, though she is not really that old. She was not wearing glasses in my time, though she is now. I would say she was one of my favorite teachers between 1995-2000, but saying that would cause an uproar between them teachers (lol), so I did not. She was, indeed, a very good Quran teacher, though I rarely get full marks in that subject.

Mrs. Robi’atun bt Abas is another exemplary teacher who still works here in Al-Munir. When you mention her name to any of the students, or even ex-students, the very first impression you will get is that she is a Mathematics teacher. Always was, always is, always will. Among any other old teachers, she stays the longest, way before I even entered the school.

Edit (April 2012): Mr Suhaimi is now, beginning this year, the school’s headmaster.