Load of Staff

…or staves. Nay, that’s plural for staff, which is what I do not want to mention in this post. Stuff, to be exact.

Earlier this week I have been getting loads of to-be-done thingies. And didn’t I mention getting married is one helluva big stuff I am yet to believe I am going to be having one day? Yes, getting married is not easy. The procedures, God, is so unbelievably numerous! Fill this and that form, get signature from the Ketua Kampung, et cetera, et cetera.

I mean, yeah, look at us. We barely manage to manage our own selves. No, not us. ME!

But, heck, these are a one-off procedure, so I’d better step carefully and try to do my best. I would even want to think to enjoy being busy while it lasts.