The Few Next Months

What will I be in the next few months? A new man? A new person?

Perhaps. Or perhaps just the same old chap with a new sidekick. Wait, a sidekick is for a hero. I am no hero, so there’s no use getting a sidekick. Lol.

Today marks the day of my failure. I fail to deliver a short story to be published together with several other writers from Egypt. Two short stories, two be exact.

I have never been good at organizing things my way. I always am in a mess. Maybe after the next few months, I will be changing this habit. Or be changed.

O yes, change is good, says Rafiki the wise old baboon from The Lion King. Indeed, and change is what I want in this life. Change to be a better person. A better son. A better teacher. A better servant of Allah.

And pray that I will eventually be a good husband and father.

Fingers crossed.